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Fiction Reboot Presents: An Interview with DB Jackson/Thieftaker – Dósis

Thank you. I believe that the narration of a point of view character is, in many ways, the most powerful tool a writer has at her or his disposal. When POV is handled well, the intellect, senses, and emotions of the protagonist inform everything the reader experiences. On one level, of course, my readers know or at least think they know that everything will turn out all right in the end.

He thinks he could be killed at any moment. He fears for the safety of Kannice and Janna, Diver and Henry. I do everything I can to make his reactions as real and visceral for my readers as possible.

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I like to say that point of view is the nexus of character and plot. On one level, this comes down to doing my homework. The characters to whom you refer may be minor, but I still want them to have depth and dimension. So I take time to give them a history, to create a personality to go with the name and face. My readers may not ever learn all that I know about them, but the weight of their backgrounds is conveyed in the narrative, and makes them seem real.

And again, point of view plays a role in this. To Ethan, all of these people are living breathing people.

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So his response to them, his observations, the rapport he shares with them, all combine to make them seem more believable to my readers. But he essentially told me he was a loyalist, and I had to respect that. I hope there will be more Thieftaker novels. I have ideas for more. We have to see how this last book does commercially. And I think that answers your question to some extent. I trust that instinct, and I looked for ways to tie up some of the plot threads that run through the series, to give my readers and my characters some sense of closure.

There is room still for more mysteries, more thrills, but there is also a feeling of resolution. David B. Jackson is the award-winning author of eighteen fantasy novels. Under the name D.

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The first volume, Spell Blind , debuted in January He lives on the Cumberland Plateau with his wife and two daughters. Jackson's Thieftaker, revolution is brewing as the British Crown imposes increasingly onerous taxes on the colonies, and intrigue swirls around firebrands like Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty. Ethan Kaille isn't the likeliest hero.

A former sailor with a troubled past, Ethan is a thieftaker, using conjuring skills to hunt down those who steal from the good citizens of Boston. And while chasing down miscreants in makes his life a perilous one, the simmering political tensions between loyalists like himself and rabble-rousing revolutionaries like Samuel Adams and others of his ilk are perhaps even more dangerous to his health. Boston, Ethan Kaille, a Boston thieftaker who uses his conjuring to catch criminals, has snared villains and defeated magic that would have daunted a lesser man.

What starts out as a mysterious phenomenon that has local ministers confused becomes something far more serious. A ruthless, extremely powerful conjurer seeks to wake the souls of the dead to wreak a terrible revenge on all who oppose him. Boston, The city is a powder keg, as tensions between would-be rebels and loyalist Tories approach a breaking point, and one man is willing to light the match that sets everything off to ensure that he has his revenge.

The presence of the British regulars has made thief taking a hard business to be in, and the jobs that are available are reserved for Sephira Pryce. Ethan Kaille has to resort to taking on jobs that he would otherwise pass up, namely protecting the shops of Tories from patriot mobs. Thieftaker Chronicles 5 books in series. As for the story, meh. Delete or minimize Sephira Price, do at least one more consistency edit also looking for redundant redundancies and it could be good.

As is, it's promising but rough,. Between the narration and the weak writing, it took me 3 weeks to finish, because I was never very motivated to continue listening to it.

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I listened to this on audiobook and the narrator did an awesome job. He really distinguished between character voices and conveyed emotion well. I ended up finding this book kind of boring. I almost stopped listening to it a couple times. I think the problem was that the plot got repetitious. Basically Ethan finds a clue, gets the stuffing beat out of him, heals, finds a clue, gets the stuffing beat out of him….

The writing style is decent with some good description. The pace is a bit deliberate and slow and the plot repetitious. The characters were okay. Ethan comes across as stoically noble to the point where he does some pretty stupid things; while I admired his determination I thought he should have been smarter about things. There is magic and conjuring in the story, but the story is more of a straight-up murder mystery than anything.

Overall this was an okay story but kind of boring.

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  • I enjoyed the historical setting and the descriptive writing, but thought the plot was repetitive and paced too slowly. The characters were okay but also a bit bland. I was enjoying the book, though I was getting tired of supposedly-intelligent hero being so dense about so many things. Still, I was having fun until the logical consistency of the magic in the world was tossed out the door when Ethan had to "do something terrible. But then who could blame him for underestimating Kaille?

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    Would you try another book from D. I was drawn to this book by the basic premise but it turned out to not deliver. It had a poor plot, repetitive action and two dimensional characters. Nothing of interest is done with the historical figures who show up in minor rolls.

    Fiction Reboot Presents: An Interview with DB Jackson/Thieftaker

    Would you ever listen to anything by D. Jackson again? Probably not. Would you listen to Thieftaker again? No once was enough good story but not timeless.

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    What was one of the most memorable moments of Thieftaker? Near the end when the final showdown with the other conjurer battle it out. How does this one compare? First one alittle slow at first but a good story would like to hear next one.