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Your girlfriend or 'bag for life's' totally objective opinion of your many wrongdoings, based upon impartial evidence gathered from her entirely dispassionate perspective.

Crimson Rambler n. A bold and adventurous fellow who refuses to be put off his stride simply because his missus is 'dropping clots'. Dracula's Candle n. The half melted candle that inevitably makes an appearance at some point in a Hammer Horror and bears a striking resemblance to the star performer at the end of a bukkake 'grumble flick'. Fallopian tube strike euph. More pricks than the Big Brother house, she's seen. Somewhat waspish judgement of a lady of easy affections, who has been 'cocked more than Elmer Fudd's shotgun'.


Queen size mattress folded in a skip. The 'camel's toe' of a larger lady in a trouser suit.

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Girlfriend - 'bag for life' made me smirk the most. When you get accosted by a member of staff about using the toilets but tell them you'll be buying something after, then don't. A high-powered stream of wazz used to chip skidmarks of one's lavatory bowl. The yellow toilet brush.

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Posted July 25, A backstabber , a back beauty. Re: Viz Roger's Profanisaurus bloatee n. The type of carefully toped beard favoured by the chubbier male, in the vain hope that it will demarcate his chin from his neck and thus indicate where his face stops. A strangley convoluted and, frankly, frightening fanny. Re: Viz Roger's Profanisaurus chumbawumbas onomat. A rather predictable use of a pop group's name as slang for breasts.


Other examples of this phenomenon are; Bananaramas penises , Wurzels testicles and Bee Gees hairy twats. Re: Viz Roger's Profanisaurus ghost shit n. Stool or dump of which there is no trace when one stands up and turns to admire it. A poogitive. Re: Viz Roger's Profanisaurus tongue shui n. The ancient, mystical art of knowing the best place to stick your tongue to get the best flow of energy through your missus's snatch. Re: Viz Roger's Profanisaurus Old thread but gave me a laugh so will revive it : meat petite n.

Descriptive of a little cock. Re: Viz Roger's Profanisaurus coffin-dodger n. Affectionate term for an incontinent, elderly relative. An oxygen thief. Re: Viz Roger's Profanisaurus. Originally Posted by Mrs G. Cherie Blair's cake hole n.

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There's no "I" in team but there are 5 in "individual brilliance" Banter Poker League Champion - - - - A minge that's a tight squeeze. A paper cut. A large or heavy stool, copper bolt.