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Getting started with Master Data Services in SQL Server 2008 R2

A focused, practical tutorial, this book will show you how to manage and maintain your organization's master data and improve data quality with Microsoft SQL Server R2 Master Data Services. Using credible techniques and an end-to-end approach, this book will take you through the steps required to implement Master Data Management, enabling business users to standardize and streamline their business data. This book will enable you to manage and maintain your organization's master data with Microsoft SQL Server R2 Master Data Services, covering each feature in a step-by-step manner.

The book starts with an overview of Master Data Management. The book then dives deep into topics such as installing, configuring, and maintaining Master Data Services, creating and using Models, Version Management, Business Rules, and importing Data into Master Data Services amongst others.

Find out how to build an MDS model, establish hierarchies, govern data access, and enforce business rules. Legacy system integration and security are also covered. Real-world programming examples illustrate the material presented in this comprehensive guide.

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Choose an Option Master Data Management MDM reconciles data from various systems to create a single view of the master data, more usually for operational purposes. MDM stores data about entities: in other words. This named version of data is ready for transferring to downstream systems, usually via web service endpoints, and provide a mechanism for publishing data to subscribed consumers.

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MDM creates a new version of data every time changes are made, along with information about who is making the change. You can trace it back and look for differences delta between various versions, when it was made and who did it.

By having this level of auditing history, your organization is helped to achieve complete regulatory compliance and also to provide an overall enterprise information management program. Because MDM comes with industry-standard access controls, only authenticated and authorized users can see and make changes to data. Here are the various components of typical MDM systems.

Components can differ from vendor to vendor. They use a range of different technologies such as java,. NET, database, etc. This was drastically improved in and improvements have been continuing since then. This image depicts an example where data is stored in various systems across the enterprise where data quality leaves a lot to be desired.

The Definitive Guide to Master Data Services

Data is managed using MDS before making available for consumption. You can implement hub architecture using MDS to create centralized and synchronized data sources to reduce data redundancies across systems.

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This is the starting point to configure Master Data Services and you can create and configure databases using Configuration Manager. This database comes with lots of stored procedures, database tables, and functions which collectively support back-end processing. You can associate the database and web application into a single MDM solution. A web application used to perform administrative tasks such creating models, entities, business rules, hierarchies, users, and roles for authorized access.

Users can access Master Data Manager to update data. The typical database lifecycle for any enterprise solution requires several server environments for such activities as development, testing and production.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Master Data Services

Service-Oriented Architecture SOA is a standard way to tackle an enterprise solution with disparate tools and technologies. MDS provides a web service , which can be used to extend MDS capabilities or develop custom solutions. Microsoft Excel is powerful tool: Business users understand it well as they use it quite often for day-to-day tasks. Master Data Services Add-in for Excel , allows business users to manage data while also allowing administrators to create new entities and attributes with ease.

Most of the features available via Master Data Manager are also possible using the Excel plugin. The reasons could be anything from user entry error, by way of corruption in transmission or storage to the use of different data standard by different sources. Data Quality Services DQS provides a way to build a knowledge-base using various data points over time and then it can be used for data correction, enrichment, standardization, and de-duplication of data coming from various data sources.

DQS maintains a knowledge base in various domains and each domain is specific for data fields. DQS also supports cloud-based reference data services to cleanse enterprise data using this external knowledge bases. Over many years, organizations have been beset with problems that come from the fact that there is no overall organization-wide control and supervision of data and its progress through the various parts of the organization.

What is Master Data Management

This has inevitably let to a tendency toward data silos. On top of this, there is the trend towards Service-oriented architectures and micro-service architectures that require far greater coordination of data and a far better self-service data-broking system. To cap these pressures, the legislative overhead within which organizations must operate mean that audit must not only be possible but must be extremely efficient. By adopting Master Data Management, organizations can tackle these three major problems, and also provide way of managing data that is far more appropriate for the changing needs of organizations.